In The Route 66 Steal

    The Illinois Caper – Book One, The Route 66 Steal

    Middle-aged and mostly respectable, Kat Merevec and Tish O’Donnell are the least likely women in Evanston, Illinois, to become safecrackers—until the night Tish’s husband dumps them both.

    Now, drawn together by an unlikely bit of chance and a dash of revenge, Kat and Tish are on the lam, taking an equally unlikely escape: Route 66–-the Mother Road.

    With the trunk of their classic 1957 Buick convertible stuffed with more than a million bucks in cash, diamonds, and unfulfilled dreams, they’re racing from Chicago to the Pacific along a fabled highway potholed with switchbacks, setbacks, and detours.

    But to reach their California paradise, they have to stay one step ahead of Tish’s ex, a private eye with his own agenda, and the murderous fence who wants them dead!

    Come along with Kat and Tish as they travel Route 66 from downtown Chicago to the Santa Monica pier–with lots of detours in between. The Illinois Caper is the first book in the new Liz Hartley series, The Route 66 Steal!

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